my studio 2019

my studio 2019



My sculptures are just sketches in clay.

The edges may be rough and the surfaces a bit bumpy, it’s part of the process: they are created in small bits of time. They are just little thoughts or suggestions of ideas.

I catch a glimpse of a mouth in the clay and pull it out. The nose can follow from there……perhaps a tilt of the head or some lines around the eyes appear next.

I don’t follow many rules while creating a face (we should not follow too many rules in life..). Yes, the center line down the egg shape, then 1/2 and 1/2 again, but these are only suggestions. The most interesting people I see have not followed these rules. I have been studying and sculpting faces and figures in clay since my first gift of playdough. Over the years I have worked in many types of air dry and oven fired clay bodies. It wasn’t until I started to work with kiln fired paperclay that I had an awakening. Each new bag of clay is opened and the texture begins to speak to me.

The first paper clay figures started to appear in 2016 while I sat with my mother during the end stages of Alzheimer’s. I spent every Wednesday with her that year and created more than 50 figures.

And they continue to appear.

My sculptures are all handbuilt from paper clay or porcelain, bisque fired, painted with underglazes and glazes and fired to cone 6.


Arts Students League, NYC

Mason Gross School of Art, Rutgers University


Owner, Frame of Mind Gallery, Holmdel, NJ

1994 - Present

If you are interested in or have any questions about my works or my process, feel free to contact me.

Jeanine Pennell Briant